Khun Por Whan Whaw

Also Known As: คุณพ่อหวานแหวว
Genre: Comedy Drama Family Romance
Episodes: 17
Broadcast Network: Thai TV7
Broadcast Period: October 13th, 2010
to: December 8th, 2010


Ramida is a guardian to her fiance’s five year old son name Manyu, whom she took custody of when his father suddenly died. Seeda is Manyu’s  biological mother. She left him and his father to America when he was still a baby. San is Manyu’s uncle and the brother of Seeda. His duties is to go find Manyu and bring him back to America to inherit his mother’s will. Seeda,on her last breath, also ask San to legally become Manyu’s father on her behalf.

Thus the battle begins when San and Ramida both are fighting to be the parent of Manyu, thinking that one is a better parent than the other. San believes he can do better raising Manyu because he is a man, and a boy needs a father figure. On the other hand, Ramida argues that she can play the role of both, which in her case, she will occasionally dress up like a man to give Manyu a father figure…

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