Madame Yeehoob

Also Known As: มาดามยี่หุบ
Genre: Comedy
Episodes: 21
Broadcast Network: Thai TV3
Release Year: 2002


This comedy is about a country girl name Yeehob, who tries to win Egkarat’s heart through a bet they both made. She will change her overall appearances and personalities to the perfect girl Egkarat thinks his “madame” should be, just so she can win and made him fall in love with her.

Yeehoob is a normal country girl, very tomboyish and lack sense of style.  She lives outside the city with her grandparents and her two cousins, Yeesip and Aiy Mah Noi (little dog).  Egkarat, is the Embassado-to-be of Thailand. His associates at the Embassy had told him that he can’t be successful and perfect without being happily married, so he will have to have a “Madame” to help initiate his career.

About maybe 10-15 years ago, Egkarat’s father worked as a Mayor in Yeehoob’s hometown alongside with her grandfather. They were the best of friends. One night, when they were searching for a criminal, Egkarat”s father was shot and lost a lot of blood. Therefore, Yeehoob’s grandfather donated his blood so his friend would live. In return, Egkarat’s father had made a promise and said that in the future, he would let his son marry his grandchild, who are Egkarat and Yeehoob.

Now in the present, Egkarat and Yeehoob did not know about the promise that their elder made.  Egkarat, in his mind kept telling him that  his “Madame” must be perfect in every way, whether it’s about looks, intelligence, manners, family background, and etc.

Soon enough, both Egkarat and Yeehoob found out that they are to marry one another. Egkarat, however, insists that he will not marry a girl that he doesn’t even know of, while Yeehoob on the other hand fell in love with him once she got a glimpse of his picture. Egkarat ‘s father and Yeehoob’s grandfather set up a date so that Egkarat could go see what his supposed future bride looks like. On their first met, , the two was already on bad terms. Egkarat made it clear to Yeehoob that he did not want to marry a girl who was too different from him and who was not perfect enough for him. He told her that it was up to her to tell their family what their decision was, which is to cancell the arrangement. Yeehoob was insulted by this and once Egkarat and his family left, she confirmed that they will get married, just to get revenge.

A couple of days later, Ning’s family took her into the city, their plan was for her to move in. Egkarat ‘s father and brother Aot are excited and welcome Yeehoob along with her cousin Yeesip.

Egkarat and Yeehoob made a bet that if she is able to meet his standards, then he will marry her, in which Yeehoob accepts his bet to win.

Aot and his father help Yeehoob by turning her into the perfect woman that his son wants, by changing her style, hair, clothes, manners,and  basically everything about her. They have one month to do this, because Yeehoob has to be the perfect girl by the time of the Grand Ball. A couple of days before the Ball, Aot fails to accomplish the makeover so, he sends Yeehoob and her cousin off to see his gay friends so they can change her. After the makeover, Yeehob became more beautiful than ever…..


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