Mae Ka Khanom Wan

Also Known As: แม่ค้าขนมหวาน
Genre: Comedy Romance
Episodes: 15
Broadcast Network: Thai TV3
Broadcast Period: January 13th, 2009
to: March 3rd, 2009


Baipai is an engineer at a factory who basically dresses like a guy, and is often mistaken as one. Other than that, Baipai has other good qualities that she learned from within the family. She’s a good martial artist from training with her uncle, the former Muay Thai champion. Her other thing she does best is making dessert, another training she got as a child from her grandmother and aunt. 

One day, when baipai decided to change her destiny and quit her job, as well as open her own dessert business, she accidentally met Wacharawat , a handsome mafia boss and the owner of the entertainment complex, who like others,  mistaken Baipai as a guy.  These two are like oil and water, where there is constant fighting and teasing whenever they meet. However, besides their troublesome they create one another, Wacharawat is very impress with her cooking skills, which draws him to stay closer to Baipai and at the same time,not knowing that he is falling for her.



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