Also Known As: 미생 / Incomplete Life
Genre: Comedy
Episodes: 20
Broadcast Network: tvN
Broadcast Period: October 17th, 2014
to: December 20th, 2014


Based on the webcomic “Misaeng” by Yoon Tae Ho, which was published from 2012-Jan-20 to 2013-Oct-14 via cartoon.media.daum.net. This drama follows the lives of ordinary salary man in their workplace.

Jang Geu Rae (Siwan) played the board game “baduk” (a strategy game somewhat like chess) since he was a child. Playing the game was everything to him, but he failed to become a professional baduk player. Now he is thrown out into the real world. By an acquaintance’s recommendation, He is able to begin to work at “One International” as an intern and struggles to adapt working at a company.

Meanwhile, Ahn Young Yi (Kang So Ra) is a competent and intelligent new intern and Jang Baek Ki (Kang Ha Neul) is another co-worker. Oh Sang Sik (Lee Sung Min) will play their boss.

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Jang Geu Rae

Geu Rae (teen)

Geu Rae (child)

Oh Sang Shik (young)

Ahn Young Yi

Jang Baek Ki

Kim Dong Shik

Han Suk Yool

Kim Suk Ho

Lee Sang Hyun

Jang Ki Suk

Sun Ji Young

Chun Kwang Woong

Go Dong Ho

Park Jong Shik

Ha Sung Joon

Lee Shin Tae

Park Young Ho

One International CEO

Choi Young Hoo

Ma Bok Ryul

Jung Hee Suk

Kang Hae Joon

Moon Sang Pil

Sung Dae Ri

Kim Sun Joo

Lee Suk Joong

Assistant Manager Park

audit team leader

Jordan branch manager

One International Jordan branch worker

Kim Boo Ryeon

Geu Rae’s mother

Geu Rae’s baduk teacher

Ha Jung Yun

Shin Woo Hyun

Lee Eun Ji

Oh Sang Sik’s wife

Oh Joon Woo

Young Yi’s father

Young Yi’s father

Director Choi

One International Employee

One International Employee

employee from headquarters

Moon Choong ki

Department Head Hwang

Deputy Department Head Ham

Team Leader of Korea Baduk Association

One International Director

factory employee
Lee Sung Min

Oh Sang Shik
Lee Hyun Bin

Suk Yool (child)
Kang Ui Shik

one of interns
Park Jin Soo

Assistant Manager Hwang
Shin Jae Hoon

Yoo Hyung Gi
Lee Ki Yeol

Lee Joon Hyuk

One International Employee
Lee Dal Hyung

Byun Hyung Chul


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