Mon Jun Tra 2013

Also Known As: มนต์จันทรา
Genre: Action Drama Romance
Episodes: 11
Broadcast Network: Thai TV3
Broadcast Period: May 16th, 2013
to: June 21st, 2013


Sarawaree, is the second member of the three tiger girls gang that works in Siam Sarn printing press.

If there’s a one thing she hate most in this word, it’s  gambling for Sarawaree. This hatred has sunk deep into her heart, as she blames it for being the cause of her parent’s death, leaving her and her twin sister behind. Sarawaree is obviously not to happy when her boss assigns her to do an exclusive interview with Sama, a wealthy tycoon, who builds a casino on an island next to the boarder. Despite the facts that Sama has never agreed to be interviewed before, he surprisingly makes an exception with Sarawaree and orders her to follow him to his private island. From them on, they are in constant danger as many are after Sama’s life and wants his casino.

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