Nak Soo Maha Gaan

Also Known As: นักสู้มหากาฬ
Genre: Action Drama Romance
Episodes: 21
Broadcast Network: Thai TV7
Broadcast Period: June 21st, 2013
to: August 10th, 2013


Rit Rawi, a military office and an expert in all format of combats abandoned the killing in order to spend his life with his lover in his hometown of Chon Buri. Rit opened a school to teach martial arts to protect the residents from international thugs that have extended their authority to Pattaya. Even though this created problems with the various mafia gangs, but with his great skill no one can stop Rit.

Later Rit has been contacted by Gon, his military friend to participate in a secret mission to attack a plant of an illegal drug organization outside of the Thai’s border. Rit accepted the mission because he wanted to serve his country and thought of using the money he’ll receive from the mission to develop and support the orphanage that is taken care of by his girlfriend, Jaitip. But the secret mission has a hidden agenda when Rit found out the plant he has attacked is actually a lab that deals with the research of biological weapons. Plus the governor who hired Gon is not doing the operation on behalf of the Thai government but is a bad person named Praiphikhat, whose purpose is to steal ” Namtah Matjurat (God of Death’s Tears),” a powerful biological weapon from the lab.

Rit tried to stop Gon and his fellow combatants but got badly injured and tortured by Gon who thinks he can successfully overthrow his good friend. In a near death condition Rit decided to press the switch that hides explosives in order to completely destroy all the chemicals stored in the lab before he passed away. Gon and his crew have to escape death. Gon can only bring along with him the chemical that is used in the pre-production of Namtah Matjurat.

No one knows that Namtah Matjurat has been volatilized from the lab seeped into the body of Rit via his open wound. The chemical caused the resurrection of Rit and gave him the power of speed and strength that is more than a natural human being. Rit quickly traveled back to Pattaya because he’s worry about lover but it was too late when Gon hired the mafia, Rit’s old opponent to rob and assassinate Jaitip. With rage Rit followed to kill the mafias at their nest before discovering the truth that Gon and Praiphikhat’s organization were behind everything. Rit returned to Bangkok again to revenge by camouflaging himself into an illegal fighting ring to search for a team member of Gon.

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