Nakak Dok Son Klin

Also Known As: The Tuberose Mask
Genre: Comedy Drama Romance
Episodes: 12
Broadcast Network: Thai TV3
Release Year: 2009


Nakak Dok Son Klin  is a comedy romance drama centering around a rich carefree man name Saenpoom,who has an ability to hear people’s thoughts.

The conflict all occurs upon his arrival to Thailand after the death of his father, and when Saenpoom’s stepmom Maleewan and his fathers best friend Sagat, contrived to take over his fortune. Pah Kai Saeng, his aunt and only living relative, has always been aware of their conniving nature and is determined to block their attempts to eliminate Saenpoom out of the will.

Upon getting into a car wreck, Saenpoom undergoes an inventive brain surgery by a gifted doctor who graduated from Africa’s medical residency. The technique that was used has only been done a few hundred times and wasn’t a 100% certainty that Saenpoom will fully recover. Amazingly enough, not only did he recover in record time, he also received a rare benefit: the ability to hear people’s thoughts. His mind acts like a transmitter and can read people’s minds. Saenpoom did not warm up to this idea at first because he originally thought that he was crazy. However, as time goes on, this ability saved his life.

The events and experiences following the car wreck taught Saenpoom that people are deceiving and that their words do not always coincide with their hearts. He also learned to be wary of people and to not take them at face value.


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