Payu Taewada

Also Known As: พายุเทวดา / Storm Angel
Genre: Action Drama Fantasy
Episodes: 14
Broadcast Network: TV7
Broadcast Period: March 16th, 2014
to: April 18th, 2014


Cee Siwat Chottichaicharin as Tewa He has (tewada = angel) power since birth. He can make harricane and make them move faster as the wind. Also beside from fighting, he can even sing well which make people to think that he can’t do anything and isn’t a problem for them.   

Cheer Thikumporn Rittapinun as Darin She is a undercover police and have angel-like power. she can call the water and if she and Tewa join together they can destroy the most serious thing. She has the ability to Boxing as well.
    Oh Anuchit Sapunpohng as Dech Gaitong is Tewa’s helper and has angel-like power. His body is smooth as varnish which make weapons and bullet couldn’t hit him but his weakness is that he is weak when it come to love
    Big Sarut Vijittranon as Mon Saimauk he is principle, love justice and is a leader. His power is that he can call the wind which make the clouds to move and change it as the day to night. The darkness make the enemy to can’t see him.
    Shane Nattawat Plengsiriwat as Sing Tabanfai he is a fun person but later on become alcoholic. His can make electricity by his body. If he synchronization the power with other they can make a really strong effect.
    Amm Patinya Virogsangphatibe as Kong Psutha he is powerul and  crazy, like violent, reckless and has profuse of power. He can hit something solid like a tank.

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