Pin Anong

Also Known As: ปิ่นอนงค์
Genre: Drama Romance
Episodes: 22
Broadcast Network: Thai TV7
Broadcast Period: June 15th, 2012
to: August 3rd, 2012


Pin Anong  is the daughter of Ounreuan , the housemaid of Khun Nai Kongsook at the Phaisaan’s Farm and Resort. Ounreuan was an orphan who became grateful of Khun Nai’s family for raising her and providing her with a shelter and education. Ounreuan taught her daughter to be grateful of Khun Nai also because Khun Nai supported Pin’s education until she received her bachelor degree. At the farm Khun Nai was known as the evil witch who mistreated Ounreuan and Pin Anong and exploited the workers at the farm by refusing to pay them wages.

The farm was headed toward a new direction with the arrival of Khun Yai Charlit , the rightful owner and only son of Khun Phaisaan. Khun Yai was drove off the farm at a young age after having a misunderstanding with his dad. He also escaped the accusation that he has committed an atrocious crime by killing Khun Nai Kongsook’s ex-husband, Par who was known as just a worker at the farm. Khun Yai never got to make up with his dad who died in the hands of his own wife. Khun Yai came back to repossess his farm and revenge his evil step-mom.

He cloaked everyone by pretending he was Seur Yai, a dangerous thief gang member. As he plotted his plan to take back his fortune at the farm he fell in love with Pin Anong and the two got married. Yai has always been in love with Pin since he met her years ago when he went to visit his dead father at the temple. During that time he disguised himself as a beggar to avoid revealing himself to Pin. Pin was very kind to him and offered him food to eat. The main reason Pin married Khun Yai was to pay him back after having taken the blame for Khun Nai who stole money from the farm.

The couple went through a period of sweetness after confessing their love for one another. However, that was short live as Khun Yai overheard Pin talking to Khun Nai that she’ll be the one to poison him so Khun Nai doesn’t have to do any work and just watch her slowly kill Yai herself. She was just trying to protect her husband from Khun Nai, who’s intention was to kill off her enemy so she can satisfy her own greed by becoming the sole owner of the farm. Yai misunderstood his wife intention and they fought. Pin then escaped from the farm but Yai continued to follow her and watch her from afar despite their misunderstanding because he love her and still care for her even though his words are contrary to that of his action.
Series of events occurred to test their love but no matter what they encountered Pin and Yai still love one another and was able to dethaw their misunderstandings. The two communicated without throwing jabs at each other and finally understood each other. Pin knew that Yai was not the one who kill her mom. Together they fought to bring Khun Nai to justice for murdering Pin’s mom and those close to Yai.

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