Plik Fah Lah Tawan

Also Known As: พลิกฟ้า ล่าตะวัน
Genre: Action
Episodes: 13
Broadcast Network: Thai TV7
Release Year: 2008


Plik Fah Lah Tawan is an action pack drama about three sisters with special powers. Torrong can control objects with her mind, Sailom can chill people with just a stare, and Meena can generate fire without a match or a lighter. Their father Witatee  worked as a scientist for a secret organization, looking for new ways to create energy. One day, Witatee decided to obstruct an energy related experiment by stealing a microchip from the science lab. He fled and took his three daughters with him. When the organization sent armed men to hunt him down, he decided to leave his youngest daughter Torrong with an elderly woman who knew of his intentions.

As he is fleeing, the microchip explodes, presumably killing his two eldest daughters and him.

Years later, Torrong grew up to be a fine young woman, liked by everyone at her university. Torrong grew up not knowing anything about her past. She believes her parents died in a fire. Her best friend is Landtao, an inquisitive young man who knew of her unexplained gift. He’s always there for Torrong when she is in trouble.

Torrong’s world turns upside down when Sailom and Meena entered her university. They feel a sense of bond but their feelings were unexplainable.

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