Prajan See Roong

Also Known As: The Rainbow Moon
Genre: Drama Family Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: Thai TV3
Release Year: 2009


Aruk is a transgender who works as a gay cabaret dancer for a club. When his neighbor, Oradee  gave birth to a baby boy and abandon him, Aruk took the child in and became his father. Oradee is a prostitute and her child was conceived from a customer. Not wanting to endure hardship of being a mother, she abandoned her son and ran off with her boyfriend to live aboard.
In order to create a normal life for Tawan, Aruk decide to suppress his “gay” tendencies and devote his life to Tawan. He quits his job as a gay cabaret dancer and move to Chiang Mai to open a hair salon and start his new life as a heterosexual man.

Tawan grew up to be a wonderful, intelligent kid. After finishing high school, he was accepted into Bangkok University. There he met with Plaifah , a young woman from a rich family. He fall for her but she has no feelings for him. Years later, when Tawan became a singing superstar, Plaifah and Tawan start dating. At the same time, his mother Oradee decided to take advantage and came back into his life and complicates the situation.. Heartbroken that his mother was not who his father had described her to be, Tawan try to escape but ended up in a car accident and temporarily loses his memory.

Even though Tawan doesn’t remember Plaifah, he still hold feelings for her, but Oradee changes him into a whole new person. No longer is he a kind and generous person, he turns into a cruel and mischievous man. She makes sure that no one knows of Tawan’s amnesia and make sure no one tries to revive his memory, to ensure that she can still feed off his fortune.

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