Rak Prakasit 2012

Also Known As: รักประกาศิต
Genre: Drama Romance
Episodes: 14
Broadcast Network: Thai TV3
Broadcast Period: February 22nd, 2012
to: April 5th, 2012


Naritsara left school from America to return to Thailand to bury her General father. With a generic will that give the execution power to Nid’ brother, the inheritance couldn’t be spilt because the brother as a diplomat had to leave to Switzerland. The selfish sister-in-law, wanting the bulk of wealth, refuses to finance Nid’s school continuation and told her to find a job.

In the countryside, Phuchit learned that his ex-girlfriend Jao Noi  has returned. Years before, when Pu asked Jao Noi’s hand in marriage, Pu’s younger sister Suphatthana barged in to announce that Jao Noi only want his money because her family is in debt at the moment. Suphatthana’s  outburst angered Jao Noi’s family who is noble and from that day on, the father resent Puchit and his farm. In the resolve to sooth Lek, Pu promises not to marry, and Jao Noi goes off to London to study. In in current time, Jao Noi is determinate to continue their relationship regardless of Lek’s disproval. Lek faints in an anger attack in response to this. Pu convinces his siter to go to Bangkok to get treated and there, he ran into Nid and he got the impression that she is money hungry and a lousy person. Without a degree, Nid is unable to find a job, but she left a strong impression with Witthawat, who is Pu’s younger brother. Thus, with Lek gone, Wit hired Nid as the secretary to help at the farm. He is rebellious to Lek and know that Nid stand as a challenge.

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