Reply 1994

Also Known As: 응답하라 1994 / Answer Me 1994
Genre: Comedy Romance
Episodes: 21
Broadcast Network: tvN
Broadcast Period: October 11th, 2013
to: December 28th, 2013


This drama follows the pop culture events of year 1994, including the emergence of seminal K-pop group ‘Seo Taiji and Boys‘ and ‘Korean Basketball League‘.

The story begin with few teenagers staying together at a boarding house while attending a university in Seoul. This boarding house is run by a couple Sung Dong Il and Lee Il Hwa with their daughter Sung Na Sung (Go Ah Ra)…

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Sung Na Jung

Na Jung (child)

Sung Dong Il

Lee Il Hwa

Chil Bong Yi

Sham Chun Pyo

Bing Geu Re

Jo Yoon Jin

Kim Ki Tae

Kim Dong Woo

Sung Joon

ROTC cadet

Ha Hee Ra

Lee Soon Ja

Sseu Re Ki’s professor

patient with two kids

Ssook Ssook Yi’s friend in 2013

Na Jung’s friend in group date

Sseu Re Ki’s senior in group date

Sseu Re Ki’s senior in group date

Sseu Re Ki’s senior in group date

Lee Kyung Shil


Kim Yoon Shik

Sham Chun Po’s drunk neighbour

Jung Man Ho

Kim Jae Young

Sseu Re Ki’s father

Sseu Re Ki’s first love

Kim Min Jong

Sseu Re Ki’s cousin

Min Jung

Sung Shi Won

Yoon Yoon Jae

Kang Joon Hee

Bang Sung Jae

Mo Yoo Jung

Do Hak Chan

Jun Ji Hyun look-alike

Uhm Jung Hwa look-alike

Ae Jung

same major with Na Jung
Jung Woo

Sseu Re Ki
Moon Kyung Eun

Moon Kyung Eun
Woo Ji Won

Woo Ji Won
Kim Hoon

Kim Hoon
Na Young Suk

Yonsei student boarder
Heo Kyung Young

interrogative student boarder
Kim Jong Min

Lee Joo Yeon

Lee Joo Yeon
Kim Jung Min

Kim Jung Min
Park Kyung Ri

Na Jung’s friend in group date
Lee Hye Min

Na Jung’s friend in group date
Lee Jung Eun

Sham Chun Po’s mother
Jo Yang Ja

Sham Chun Po’s grandmother
Kim In Seo

Hae Tae’s crush
Choi Jong Hoon

Jun Hyun Moo

Hae Tae’s junior
Yoon Min Soo

married man
Jung Yoo Mi

Sun Joon’s potential love interes
Lee Mi So

Chilbongi’s baseball team manager
Yoon Jin Young

Rock Cafe Space manager


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