Ruby Ruby Love

Also Known As: 루비루비럽
Genre: Comedy Drama
Episodes: 5
Broadcast Network: NAVER tvcast
Broadcast Period: January 18th, 2017
to: January 26th, 2017


Ruby (Seohyun) is a genius who’s decided to focus her skills on jewelry design and she also has an eye for quality jewels. Ruby has a social anxiety disorder, but the discovery of a magic ring will aid her in becoming a successful jewelry designer. Due to her phobia, she doesn’t like going to unfamiliar places and prefers to stay at home. Ruby has one and only friend (Lee Chul Woo) who is a handsome and warmhearted guy. He regrets that his genius friend can’t demonstrate her abilities because of her social anxiety, and he’ll work hard to help her achieve her dreams. Meanwhile, Lee Yi Kyung is a CEO of a jewelry enterprise and Ruby’s secret crush of a year. He’ll battle for Ruby’s affections with Lee Chul woo in a love triangle.

Ruby’s one and only friend

CEO of a jewelry enterprise


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