Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Also Known As: 힘쎈 여자 도봉순
Genre: Comedy Fantasy Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: jTBC
Broadcast Period: February 24th, 2017
to: April 15th, 2017


“Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” tells the story about Do Bong Soon (Park Bo Young), who is a woman born with Herculean strength, anything she touches with too much force crumbles in her hands. Ahn Min Hyuk (Park Hyung Sik) is her love interest and he is an extraordinary second-generation chaebol with crazy tendencies. Meanwhile, Gook Doo (Ji Soo) is the guy who’s harbored a one-sided crush on the heroine.


Do Bong Soon

Ahn Min Hyuk

Gook Doo

Hwang Jin Yi (Bong Soon’s Mother)

Bong Soon’s father

Do Bong Ki (Bong Soon’s twin sister)

Kong Bi Seo

Ah Ga Ri

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