Suparburoot Jutathep: Khun Chai Ronapee

Also Known As: คุณชายรณพีร์
Genre: Drama Romance
Episodes: 11
Broadcast Network: Thai TV3
Broadcast Period: June 15th, 2013
to: July 7th, 2013


  Khun Chai Ronapee, a revered pilot for the Air Force. He is the last hope for the grannies and for the Thewaproms, they are determined to see this through, at all cost. The drama is upped and so is the angst. Being the last one in line, Chai Phee is like a lonely soul, lost and somewhat confused with his own fate- until a beautiful angel falls into his arms and makes him want what his brothers have: a soul mate. But in order to ensure she loves him for who he is, and not his nobility line, Chai Phee becomes Khun Phee, a farmer. But love doesn’t come easily to Piangkwan, the actress, who believes that love inevitably fails you. Chai Phee is tasked with proving her wrong as well as fighting against his fears, her many baggage and overcoming his grannies objections. The conflicts are insurmountable, making me wonder if their love can be united in the end.


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