Sweet Home, Sweet Honey

Also Known As: 우리집 꿀단지 / My Home’s Honey Jar / The Honey Pot
Genre: Family Romance
Episodes: 120
Broadcast Network: KBS1
Broadcast Period: November 2nd, 2015
to: April 15th, 2016


Sweet Home, Sweet Honey is about a group of youngsters who get pushed into society.

Even though Oh Bom (Song Ji Eun) is in a difficult financial situation, she is still bright and positive. She works part-time work at a factory. Meanwhile, Kang Ma Roo (Lee Jae Joon) is a kind and simple young man. He is naive about the world.

Ahn Tae Ho (Kim Min Soo) is the section chief of a company. He is an ambitious man. Ahn approaches Choi Ah Ran (Seo Yi Ahn) who is the heiress of a large company. She is smart, but has a painful past. Her younger sister went missing and her parents abandoned her.

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Kang Ma Roo

Ma Roo (child)

Choi Ah Ran

Ahn Tae Ho

Bae Gook Hee

Choi Jung Ki

Ahn Gil Soo

Kim Eul Nyun

Yoon Sun Young

Lee Mi Dal

Lee Bae Dal

Choi Jung Mi

Choi Ji Ah

Oh Ga Eul

Ahn Soo Ho


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