Tat Dao Bussaya 2010

Also Known As: ทัดดาวบุษยา
Genre: Comedy Drama Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: Thai TV3
Release Year: 2010


In order to avoid marrying Prince Wattana, Taddao must find a way to repay back 2 million baht that her mother use to pay off her debt. Tadao seeks the help of her father, Din Bussaya, who is a wealthy man, but she found out that he has passed away. Taddao remembers that her father said that he would give her everything as she is the eldest child, even his estate, the Bussaya Household. In order for her to enter into Bussaya Household and find her father’s will, she disguised herself as a boy named Sutad, because someone is trying to kill her. Prince Wattana, who is currently on his way to Bussaya Household, ran into Taddao disguised as Sutad. Taddao who needs a ride to go to Bussaya Household, agrees to work in Prince Wattana’s son (Prince Noi) farm. While working for Prince Noi, Taddao starts to have feelings for Prince Noi but he hates Taddao because he thinks she is a gold digger after his father’s fortune. Prince Noi starts having feelings for Sutad and start to struggle with the fact that he might be turning gay.

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