Trace of the Hand

Also Known As: 손의 흔적
Genre: Comedy Romance
Episodes: 17
Broadcast Network: NAVER tvcast
Broadcast Period: February 27th, 2017


This drama is based on webtoon of the same name. It is a three-season series, Season 1( Traces of the Hand), Season 2 (Girl’s War) and Season 3 (Fortuneteller’s Secret Recipe).

Is there an app to help you get the woman you love?

Kim Hong Sik (Shin Jae Ha) is a shy young man who returns to college after serving his mandatory military service. He discovers an app called T-Scope that helps him to see other people’s secret messages. Can he use it to help him capture the heart of the “Queen of the Engineering College” (Ryu Hwa Young), whom he has secretly loved for years?

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Park Min Young

Kim Hong Shik

Park Soon Young

Bae Byun

Lee Soo Bin

Professor Lee In Gam

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