Chinawut-Stéphane Indracusin (Thai: ชินวุฒ อินทรคูสิน), also known as Chin, is a Thai singer, born on August 13, 1989 from a French mother and a Thai father. He started his career early on by signing up with the biggest record label in Thailand, GMM Grammy which selected him for the G-JUNIOR young artist development program.

In 2003, Chin and two other musicians in G-JUNIOR, Jay and Guy came together to form a group named Big 3. The music they released at the time was labelled as hip hop but has since been re-categorized into pop and R&B.

After the release of their album “We are Big 3”, the boys decided to move on with their own careers. Chin and Guy released a second album in 2006 with G-JUNIOR and 10th Club.

In 2007, Chin was finally given the opportunity to release his own album, “Chin Up” in May 2007. His first solo single that was unleashed, “Bpak Mai Trong Gub Jai” became extremely successful right away, staying on top of the Thai charts for many weeks in a row. As a result, Chin is today one of the top teen artists in Thailand.

Chin went to New York City to work on his album ‘Maybe I’m Bad’.

In the fall of 2008, Chin did a Malaysian commercial presenting a Sony Skinny T. For this commercial he recorded several of his songs in Chinese, including ‘Term Mai Keuy Tem’, ‘Roo Chai Mai Wa Ruk’ and more recently ‘Keun Tee Neung’. He is now the presenter for Sony Skinny T Digital Camera in Malaysia and a singer of growing reputation in Malaysia as well.

December 16, 2008 he released his second single album “Maybe I’m Bad” featuring his top 10 songs, “One Night Stand” or “Keun Tee Neung”. Other well known songs from this new album include “Too Fast Too Serious” and “Hua jai mai chai gra-dard”.

So far, he has 3 music videos from this album, one for “Keun Tee Neung” featuring himself, “Too Fast Too Serious” featuring himself and Thai upcoming singer in the same label DUCKBAR, Fifi -Natasha Josephine Blake and finally one for “Hua hai mai chai gra-dart” featuring himself, his younger sister Sophie and Singaporian-Swedish model Ase Wang.

Chin has also starred in the original Taiwanese drama Love 18 as Joshua.

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