Patson Sarindu (พัสสน ศรินทุ) born April 22, 1974, is a Thai actor, model, and presenter. Patson was a sportsman during his youth. He participated in various sports, such as skiing, baseball, and especially American football. He has special interest in American football and started playing at the age of 8. At 15 years of age he worked at a pizza shop to earn money. At 20 years of age he worked at a Law Office in Atlanta, GA to earn extra income. In 1994 during a stay in Thailand, he modeled for various fashion labels. This was when he debuted as an entertainer. Besides modeling and working in advertising agencies he was also cast in a music video by Mickey and had a small role in the 1994 American film, “The War” which starred Kevin Costner and Elijah Wood, thus marking the beginning to his career in acting. Although his role was not significant it gave him the necessary experience to embark in an even more exciting journey through Thai soap operas, aka Thai lakorns. Although his pra’ek career was short-lived he still works in the entertainment circle.


Lep Krut. . .2018
Ngao Kammathep. . .2011
Mae Hua Lum PongRoot2008
Pou Karn Reua Reh. . .2008
Preuksa SawadGuest Appearance2007
Than Chai Tum Yum KoongThan Chai Parut2004
Ola Won Kon Rai Som. . .2003
Tarm Ruk Tarm Lah. . .2002
Hua Jai Mee NgaoYo1999
See Mai Karn. . .1999
Ka Neung HaPoom Rattanabodin1998


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