Puntakarn Thongjure (พีท ทองเจือ) also known as Pete, is a Thai actor and model.

Pete Puntakan Tongchua was born in California, USA on June 24th, 1968. Pete was the oldest child of Pinyoo Tongchua, one of the most famous actor who turned his career around, to business. Pete also has three younger siblings…Nam Poung (Honey), Nam Thansod and Saifar who are also well known in Thailand!!! Puntakan P. Tongchua Jr. is the name in his birth certificate… “P,” standing for Pete, was from his dad’s nickname. Pete’s family moved from America, back to Thailand when Pete was only two years old. Pete got in the show business quite young… at the age of 8-9, he already was the co-host of the show, “Pao-ying-shoob.” Many viewed him as a talented young star who had a bright and great future ahead of him… At the age of 14, Pete was shipped off to the United States to further his education. Pete though continued to go back and forth during the times of his studies, to Thailand, he usually came back…with some more work in the entertainment business, to do a show or two for his fans to admire him and wait for his return. Though Pete is in the show biz, Pete will always have the love for cars…we can sometimes see the name Pete Tongchua in the car racing list!!! Pete loves the out-doors and enjoys racing cars…another talent that our talented Pete has. With all his work and talent…Pete though have a tough road along the way to his stardom, Pete will always be considered one of the most talented and well loved by girls all around the world.

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