Rome Patchata Nampan  is a young talented actor in Thai showbiz. . He is the last son of the two sisters. Rome is admired as a handsome and cute face and also a star who acted really good in some Thai movies. . At the beginning Rome educated in Golf Management but he turned in to a model and actor lately (he appeared on print ads for Golf magazine), he get success in catwalk and is the man who was on many famous magazines in Thailand: Image, Volume, Men’s Health…  Just like every other Thai actors, and announcing in publicity of being a straight, Rome Patchata can’t avoid the gay rumor.. Back in 2008, his pictures as a gay model contestant was public on internet. Even though that rumor happened, he still one of the hottest Thai model who proved himself as a winner of the Top Model and Refreshing Guy of M Thailand 2005.


Buang NareumitTheeratch / Pran / Papakin2019
Angkor 2017Pukong Karn2018
Sud Kaen Saen RakPraiyom2015
Thephabutra Sud Waeha. . .2015
Ruk Nee Jhe Jud HaiPete/Paul2014
Saap Pra Peng. . .2013
BuangSamon/Khun Luang2012
Khun Samee Karmalor Tee RakRidchawee2012
Mook Liam PetchPetch2012
Duang Tha SawanRawin2011
Mia TaengKongkai2011
Chaloey SakYothin Warat2010
Kularb Rai NarmNadda2010
Sai SokeYingyong2010
Luk Maai Blien SeeChatree2009
Yok Lai MekPhon2009
Dao Jarut FahPon2008
Dung Duang Tawun (2008). . .2008
Gae Roy RukSongrob2008
Yuttakarn Huk Karn Thong 2008Keerin/Kee2008
Klin Kaew Klang JaiAsanee2007
Krungthep RatreeCharan2007
Sroy Saeng JanPhuthi2007
Rung Nok Bon Plai Mai. . .2006


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