Iirah Wimolchaireuk   born Jan 21, 1982, is a Thai actor, model, and hair sytlist.

Toni is half Thai-Vietnam. His father is Vietnamese with a mix of French and his mother is Thai. His parents are divorced. Toni lived and studied in Melbourne for 12 years. After graduating he came back to Thailand and interned as an art director for Leo Burnett Thailand, but he didn’t like working there because he couldn’t really enjoy being creative due to the nature of the advertisement that he was in charged with. Later on, he was interviewed in a magazine and had said that when he was in Melbourne he was a hair stylist assistant and Loogkade Methinee and Kai Somporn read it so they asked him to be a staff at their salon, called “The Lounge Hair Salon”. Toni is currently a hair stylist at “The Lounge Hair Salon”. Toni is good in soccer and can sing.He sometimes take on jobs in the entertainment business like modeling and acting, but he say that his priority is being a hair stylist.

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