Pakin Kumwilaisuk, nickname Tono, is a Thai actor, model, singer, and dancer. He also engaged in commercial advertisements for HTC, Premier Sof Foam, Fino Motor, and Tomalin Vitamin Milk.

Tono is best known as Tono the star 6. He is so called because he was among the eight finalists that competed in The Star, season 6, a singing contest that is broadcasted live on Thai television. Tono did not win the Star 6 but he was the second runner up with Ritz the Star 6 as first runner up n Gun the Star 6 as the winner. After the Star 6, Tono gained popularity n was casted into “Nud Gub Nud”, a comedy sitcom starring R n Bie The Star 3. His role is R’s younger cousin n Ritz the Star, who was also casted the same season, plays as Bie’s younger cousin. In the sitcom, Tono n Ritz, share the same name, Nott.

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