Toon Hiranyasub (Thai ทูน หิรัญทรัพย์) (born 1954) is a Thai film actor. He was educated in Australia and was a major leading man in Thai films during the 1980s. He is of Thai and Filipino descent.

His debut film role was in Kaev (แก้ว) by director Piak Poster, which placed him immediately as one of the more popular actors of the time. His other works includes a comedy Khai Luk Kheuy” (ไข่ลูกเขย), Khun Pu Su Sa, Khun Ya Sexy (คุณปู่ซู่ซ่า คุณย่าเซ็กซี่).

Toon Hiranyasup’s always-smiling and making-people-laugh image, both on screen and off screen, along with his fresh international look (ลูกครึ่ง), distinct him from other Thai actors and winning him his strong fan-based all over the nations at the time.

Toon Hiranyasap is a singer as well. He released an album, Pu Chai Cherm Cherm (ผู้ชายเฉิ่มเฉิ่ม) in 1980 with Grammy Entertainment (Thailand), which contained the hit songs “Prod Jong Tad Sin Jai” (โปรดจงตัดสินใจ), a romantic ballad serenading his love one to be in his embrace forever in time, and “Kum Waan Waan” (คำหวานหวาน), a moderate up-beat song about speaking sweet to everyone as a key in maintaining good relation with others.

He also released his second album in 1992 Toon 100% with SP Recording Company with a mature moderate rock sound.

After many years of performing on stage, television dramas, special performance and films which can be counted more than 300, Toon Hiranyasap took a break from the entertainment business, and ventured in the business world.

Toon’s come-back performance was in a Thai comedy film Pan Rock Na Yon (Rock Never Die), about a popular 1970s rock band returning to stage in the year 2004.

Toon Hiranyasap regularly appears in Thai television dramas, or lakorn, and in many special events and performances. In 2006, he co-starred in Invisible Waves, directed by Pen-Ek Ratanaruang. In this Thai-Japanese-Korean film production, he portrayed Wiwat, the role of a villain.

He has three daughters, Nam Fon, Nam Wan and Nam Tan.

Today, Toon Hiranyasap has business ventures of his own, operating a marketing project management and media production company, Communication and Innovative Asia, and operating the Film and Broadcasting Institute of Thailand. He continues giving great contribution to the society, by giving something back through his talent and skills through training in thinking methodology for the improvement of one’s mind and society, as well as giving special lectures and seminars about Thai youth and improvement of society/community. His current work (as of 2007) includes the establishment of Artist’ National Security (Thailand), where he contribute his time in establishing activities and events for Thailand’s National Security (ISOC). In 2009, he established a foundation under Ministry of Human and Social Development of Thailand. This foundation focuses on 3 main aspects of development: youth, agriculture, and visual-impaired/disabilities.

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