Cha Hwa-yeon (born Cha Hak-kyung on December 27, 1960) is a South Korean actress. Cha made her acting debut in 1978, and became best known as the heroine Kim Mi-ja in the 1987 television drama Love and Ambition, a character who became an icon for modern Korean women in that era.  A year later Cha retired after getting married in 1988. She then returned to acting twenty years later in 2008 with Aeja’s Older Sister, Minja.


Golden GardenJin Nam Hee2019
EncounterSoo Hyun’s mother-in-law2018
My Only OneOh Eun Young2018
Secret MotherPark Sun Ja2018
Hospital ShipOh Hye Jung2017
MomYoon Jung Ae2017
I’m Sorry Kang Nam GooHong Myung Sook2016
Mrs. Cop 2Seo Jung Mi2016
Big ManChoi Yoon Jung2014
Family SecretsJin Joo Ran2014
It’s Okay, That’s LoveJae Yul’s mother2014
Make a WishShin Hye Ran2014
My Secret HotelCameo2014
100 Year LegacyBaek Sul Joo2013
A Well Grown Daughter, Hana. . .2013
King’s Daughter Soo Baek HyangInstructor Do Rim2013
Queen of AmbitionBaek Ji Mi2013
Thorn FlowerMrs. Min2013
Will You Love and Give It Away?Hong Soon Ae2013
A Gentleman’s DignityCameo2012
Five FingersNa Gye Hwa2012
Missing YouKang Hyun Joo2012
The Equator ManMa Hee Jung2012
The Wedding SchemeSo Doo Ryun2012


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