My Fellow CitizensKim Kyung Ae2019
One Spring NightShin Hyung Sun2019
Possessed. . .2019
Pretty Sister Who Buys Me FoodKim Mi Yun2018
Something in the RainKim Mi Yun2018
Naked Fireman. . .2017
The Most Beautiful Goodbye in the WorldYun Bak Sa2017
Goodbye Mr. BlackHong In Ja2016
Puck!Kyung Pil’s mother2016
Working Mom Parenting DaddyLee Hae Soon2016
AssemblyChun No Sim2015
Heard It Through the GrapevineYang Jae Hwa2015
Miss Mamma MiaMa Hae Yun2015
Sassy Go GoManager Lee2015
Doctor StrangerKim Eun Hee2014
Secret Love AffairTeacher Baek2014
The End of the WorldJung Sang Sook2013
A Wife’s CredentialsHa Sum Jin2012


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