Kim Hae-sook (born December 30, 1955) is a South Korean actress.


BabelShin Hyun Soo2019
Mother of MinePark Sun Ja2019
About TimeOh So Nyeo2018
Room No. 9Jang Hwa Sa2018
Father is StrangeNa Young Shil (mother)2017
Nothing to LoseYoo Myung Hee2017
Saimdang, Light’s DiaryShin Saimdang’s grandmother2017
WhisperKim Sook Hee2017
Yeah, That’s How It IsHye Kyung2016
Make a Woman CryPark Hwa Soon2015
Hotel KingBaek Mi Nyeo2014
Marriage Without DatingShin Bong Hyang2014
Only You, My LoveOh Mal Soo2014
PinocchioPark Ro Sa2014
Wonderful Day in OctoberKang Yoon Geum2014
I Hear Your VoiceEo Choon Shim2013
King’s FamilyLee Ang Geum2013
The Suspicious HousekeeperDirector Hong2013
Can’t Live Without YouJang In Ja2012
Childless ComfortLee Ji Ae2012


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