Noona  is an internationally known, multi-talented artist from Thailand. Not only does she sings beautifully but she also can act. She has starred in several television dramas as leading actress, and has been seen in numerous commercials but is most well known for her musical stage presents.

Noona rose from her fame from the movie “Hello Stranger” in 2010. She is currently in a sitcom series with Pope Thanawat under Ch3 channel called “Wink Jao Sa Nay.”

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Ruen Roi RakDeuan2016
Chat Rak.. Wiwa LuangJune2015
Koo Gum 2013Angsumalin2013
Loma Klah Tah FunSea2011
Muad OhpasBuakwan2011
Wink Jao SanaeWink/Wikanda2011


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