My Healing LoveKim Yi Bok2018
Shall We Live TogetherWoo Ah Mi2018
Hospital ShipHan Hee Sook2017
Mystery QueenMadame Park2017
MemoryJang Mee Lee2016
Start AgainJung Mi Ran2016
The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor ShopHan Eun Sook2016
BubblegumLee Seul Mo2015
I Order For YouGook Dae’s mother2015
MaskSong Seol Hee2015
Cuckoo NestBae Choo Ja2014
Emergency Man and WomanYoon Sung Sook2014
100 Year LegacyDo Do Hee2013
Goddess of MarriageSe Kyung’s mother2013
The HeirsJung Ji Sook2013
Rooftop PrinceAunt Wang2012
StandbyPark Joon Geum2012
The King of DramasKang Hyun Min’s mother2012


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