Patricia Tanchanok Good, also known as Pat, is a Thai/English model and rising actress of ch.3.

Pat got into the industry at the age of 14 because her mom’s friend is close with P’Dtuk Janjira (the producer of Duang Malee Manee Jun production). They invited P’Dtuk to watch Pat’s performance during her school play and later P’Dtuk introduced her to Channel 3. She started off with small modelling jobs for magazine photoshoots and after many castings, she debuted in Noom Ban Rai Gub Wahn Jai Hi So. Her family is reall

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Lom Sorn RukAnna2015
Malee Rerng RabumMaliroengra Akatdi2014
Kaen SanaehaRoong2013
Noom Ban Rai Kub Wan Ja Hai SoNoi Na2012


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