Ye Ji-won (born February 1, 1973) is a South Korean actress. She is best known for her leading role in the hit sitcom Old Miss Diary, and her more serious turns in Hong Sang-soo films Turning Gate and Ha Ha Ha.


Love Affairs in the AfternoonChoi Soo Ah2019
Should We Kiss FirstLee Mi Ra2018
Thirty But SeventeenJennifer2018
Introverted BossDang Yoo Hee2017
Another Miss OhPark Soo Kyung2016
My Wife’s Having an Affair this WeekEun Ah Ra2016
Page TurnerYoo Seul’s mother2016
ProducerGo Yang Mi2015
Tomorrow CantabileSong Mi Na2014
Dating Agency: CyranoLee Hae Shim2013
Tasty LifeOh Jin Joo2012


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