A Cat! Meow

Also Known As: 고양이는 있다! 야옹 / There is a Cat / I Have a Cat / My Dear Cat
Genre: Comedy Family Romance
Episodes: 119
Broadcast Network: KBS1
Broadcast Period: June 9th, 2014
to: November 1st, 2014


A drama about family conflict and reconciliation due to finding out the secrets of their families.

Choi Yang Soon (Choi Yoon Young) aspired to write a novel, but her father’s death led to her giving up her dream and, instead, work as a reporter for a magazine. By chance, she brings home a stray cat. She takes care of the cat even though she has allergies to cats. One day, a man, Yum Chi Woong (Hyun Woo), appears and insists the cat has an owner who is looking for the cat. Chi Woong then takes the cat from Yang Soon.

Chi Woong went to law school mainly to satisfy his father. He realized in law school that he didn’t want to become a lawyer and dropped out without telling his family. He now struggles to become a photographer and supports himself by working for a private detective office. A clients requests that they find his cat. He faces Yan Soon once he locates the cat. Through their meeting, Yang Soon and Chi Woong discover a family’s hidden truth.

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Yum Chi Woong

Yoon Sung Il

Han Soo Ri

Han Young Sook

Yum Byung Sook

Hong Soon Ja

Yoon Noh In

Yoon Jung Hye

Shin Ji Eun

Hwang Tae Soo

Kim Choon Shik

Section Chief Kwon


Cha Dong Woo
Dokgo Young Jae

Go Dong Joon
Park So Hyun

Han Eun Sook
Yoon In Jo

Choi Do Hee
Go Do Young

Joon Ah
Ryu Sung Hoon

Bong Shik
Kim Jung Kyoon

Department Head Park
Ha Soo Ho

Lee Dal Hyung

Soo Ri’s father
Jo Chang Geun

motorbike man
Kim Yul


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