Blow Breeze

Also Known As: 불어라 미풍아 / Blow It, Mi Poong!
Genre: Family Romance
Episodes: 50
Broadcast Network: MBC
Broadcast Period: August 27th, 2016
to: February 12th, 2016


“Blow Breeze” is about the happenings that occur when one day a lonely old man on death’s door discovers that he has a grandchild. The dying old man has assets with a combined worth of 100 million dollars.

The story will surround with a long-lost grandchildren, a fight for a chaebol’s inheritance, and a Romeo-Juliet love story between Kim Mi Poong (Im Ji Yun), who is a North Korean defector and Lee Jang Go (Son Ho Joon), who is an honest South Korean Lawyer.

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Lee Jang Go

Lee Jang Go (child)

Kim Mi Poong

Kim Mi Poong (Child)

Jo Hee Dong

Shin Ae

Lee Geum Shil

Lee Jang Soo

Soon Ok

Kim Soon Boon

Young Ae

Kim Yoo Sung

Kim Dae Hoon

Kim Duk Chun

Kim Duk Chun (young)

Chun Gi Ok

Jo Dal Ho

Jo Hee Ra

Director Heo

private investigator


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