Blue Bird

Also Known As: 파랑새는 있다
Genre: Family Mystery
Episodes: 3
Broadcast Network: CSTV
Broadcast Period: January 31st, 2014
to: February 2nd, 2014


“Blue Bird” is a mystery drama about Doctor Oh (Go Joo Won), who is a psychotherapist. He will faces the stories of people who live through school violence, unsteady jobs, suicide, poor housing, scandalous cases, and other realistic problems in this warm 3-part omnibus drama that delivers warmth and healing.

Doctor Oh

Jin Chul

Min Jae
Seo Jae Hyung

Jae Chan
Oh Jung Tae

manhwabang owner
Kang Hyo Sung

Jae Chan’s mother

Shin Ae
Park Min Kyung

Hee Jin
Lee Byul Im

Yoon Jung
Jang Ho Il

General Manager Yoo
Kim Ga Yun

General Manager Yoo’s wife
Kim Na Jung

Se Kyung
Shin Shin Ae

Sang Hee
Kim Dong Il

Hyun Tae


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