Johng Kol Khing Tian

Also Known As: จงกลกิ่งเทียน
Genre: Drama Period Drama Romance
Episodes: 12
Broadcast Network: Thai TV3
Broadcast Period: March 26th, 2010
to: April 18th, 2010


Tianganya (Ae Issariya) is a 37 year-old woman who lives with her gravely ill younger brother and the boy whom her father adopted, Son (Grate Warinthorn). When her brother died, at the funeral, Tianganya meets Appan (Tui Kiatkamol) who tells her that he is her brother’s good friend. Appan also helps Tianganya from getting hurt from Lamom, the first wife of Tianganya’s father whom her father chased out of the house long ago. Tianganya is impressed with Appan and he charms her with sweet words. Son doesn’t trust Appan and tries to warn Tianganya but she doesn’t believe him. Appan has a fight with Son and Son decides to leave the house to live in the dorm. Tianganya decides to marry Appan against the will of many people around her. Not long after, she begins to get ill with symptoms similar to that of her brother. One night, Tianganya walks out off her room and finds out the truth that Appan is actually Lamom’s nephew and he comes to revenge and to get everything from her. Tianganya is shocked, she falls off the stairs and die. On the same night, Jao Bua (Janie Tienposuwan), a spoiled rich girl, is also in an accident. Tianganya’s soul goes in Jao Bua’s body, while Jao Bua’s soul is left as a ghost. Tianganya gets the help from Jao Bua’s grandma who knows the fact that Tianganya is in her niece’s body. She gives Tianganya a new name “Bua Tian.” Bua Tian meets up with Son again and start falling for each other. Appan is mesmerized by Bua Tian’s beauty and interested in her wealth. He decides to court her, but Bua Tian knows better this time, so she plots a plan against him to get everything back from him…


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