Luk Mai Klai Ton 2000

Also Known As: ลูกไม้..ไกลต้น
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 20
Broadcast Network: Thai TV7
Broadcast Period: August 18th, 2000
to: October 1st, 2000


 Rasa  grew up in a struggling family, her mother used to be a maid for a wealthy family and her brother is a no good for nothing son, who pesters his family and wife. He also believed that she was adopted because they don’t share any resemblance . Upon his constant badgering, their mother’s health declined. Before she passed away, she revealed a dark, scandalous secret to Rasa:  Rasa was the illegitimate child of her mom’s former master, who had raped her and shamed her during her last few days of employment.

Horrified at the injustice done to her mother and scandalized by her own illegitimacy, Rasa vowed to make her birth father beg for forgiveness at her mother’s funeral. No stipulations and no requirements that he accept her as his daughter. She felt it was her duty to see that her mother’s spirit will rest in peace.

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