Oum Ruk

Also Known As: อุ้มรัก
Genre: Comedy Romance
Episodes: 14
Broadcast Network: Thai TV3
Broadcast Period: May 23rd, 2006
to: July 17th, 2006


During her very first photo shoot, Napat, a model wanna-be argued with Chen,an opinionated photographer for being late. Since then, she held a grudge against him because he told her that she would never be famous. However a few years later, she became one of the most talented model in the Thai entertainment circle. They both met again for the anniversary party of a renowned magazine. At the celebration, there is a drinking contest in which Pat, after the insistence of Anna, her best friend, participates as a representative of the models. Later on, very drunk she manage to go back to her room with Anna’s help. On the other hand, Chen who is in company of his girlfriend Jasmine, decides to go wait for her in her room to avoid the gossips. In the midst of all these events, Chen also got drunk and end up in Pat’s room due to an unfortunate exchange of bags. The irreversible happen and Pat got pregnant. Convinced that Chen is just a player, she decide to find a father for her baby while he decide to make her fall for him.



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