Plerng See Roong

Also Known As: Rainbow Flame
Genre: Drama Romance
Episodes: 14
Broadcast Network: Thai TV3
Release Year: 2009


Tinrat and Katleya have been in love for 3 years, but because of her ambition, Katleya decided to marry Tinrat’s father. Many years have passed, Tinrat’s father is now gone, and Katleya wants to get Tinrat back. On the other hand, Tinrat has a new girlfriend for a long time but he still can’t forget Katleya.

Kuat is Katleya’s son, Tinrat’s brother. He is gay but only his uncle Mai, Katleya’s brother, knows about this. When Katleya learns about his being gay, she couldn’t accept it, she wanted him to be as perfect as his brother. While being down, Kuat met with Jomkwan, a rich lady who ran away from home because of family matters. They became very friendly and Jomkwan is pretending to be Kuat’s girlfriend. They live together in Kuat’s condo.

Later on, Kuat is more and more frustrated by his mom, he decided to end his life. Tinrat believes that Jomkwan is the cause of his brother suicide and tried to hurt her. In order to protect herself, Jomkwan lies about being pregnant with Kuat.

This lie made Tinrat and Jomkwan became closer and brought them together, but Katleya is still there trying to have Tinrat back

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