Rak Ork Akard

Also Known As: Love On Air
Genre: Comedy Drama Romance
Episodes: 14
Broadcast Network: Thai TV3
Release Year: 2012


Jaokhun is a stuck up rich city man who has a friend, also an enemy, Matt. Matt is very competitive toward Jaokhun, especially when he always loses to him.. On Jaokhun’s birthday, Matt embarass Jaokhun leading to a fight where they had a car race. On the way, Jaokhun crashes into a food stand, where Jai was sitting at. They got into a huge argument, causing her to dislike him at their first encounter. Few days later, Matt overheard King and Jaokhun’s friend talking about a reality show where they need Jaokhun as the main cast to go undercover in the countryside.  Taking advantage of the situation, Matt tricks Jaokhun into agreeing to be in the show by making a bet that if Jaokhun can last a month in the countryside, he will do a prostrate bow to his feet. However, if Jaokhun fail he will have to bow to Matt instead. Determined to stop Matt’s bullying, Jaokhun agreed to the show.  There he met Jai again, a bold country girl who is the daughter of tea plantation.



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