Sarp Poo Sah

Also Known As: สาปภูษา
Genre: Drama Horror Romance
Episodes: 15
Broadcast Network: Thai TV3
Release Year: 2009


In the past, Princess Seeked, the princess from the vassal state, is skillful in weaving the golden brocade in the royal palace. She met Prince Tad and they fell in love with each other. Soon after she got pregnant. However, Prince Tad later had to get married with Princess Chai. With that she grew very mad and decided to seek revenge.  Princess Seeked weaves a golden brocade with her curse in every thread before she kills herself while being pregnant. In the modern day, Maipim, a girl who loves the ancient fabric got a  job at the brocade shop that Preechaya own. In that  shop, someone had broken into, and left a beautiful ancient brocade there. That brocade contains the spirit of Princess Seekad, who is awaiting her revenge against the people that hurt her in the past.

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