Still You

Also Known As: 그래도 당신 / So For You
Genre: Family Melodrama Romance
Episodes: 124
Broadcast Network: SBS
Broadcast Period: May 21st, 2012
to: December 3rd, 2012


“Still You” is a romantic melodrama about a woman, Cha Soon Young (Shin Eun Gyung), who just want to make a fake divorce with her husband but turn out with the real divorce.

Cha Soon Young

Na Han Joon

Kang Chae Rin

Kang Woo Jin

Na Doo Joon

Na Mi So

Kang Bum Suk

Kim Yi Hyun

Seo Nam Joo

Lee Jae Ha

Sung Dong Chul

Baek Hwa Soo
Kim Sung Eun

Shin Na Ra
Lee Se Na

Na Se Hee
Yoon Moon Sik

Na Yoo Seok
Lee Eun Jung

Kang Hee Jin
Moon Seo Yun

Lee Kyung Joo
Jung Ye Ji

Jang Hyun Hee


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