Tawan Yor Saeng 2010

Also Known As: ตะวันยอแสง
Genre: Drama Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast Network: Thai TV7
Release Year: 2010


Tawan grew up not knowing about her biological mother and her rich father. She is raised by an adoptive mother and an abusive stepfather. When her mother kills her stepfather in self-defense, she is instructed to go into hiding. Because Tawan looks exactly like her biological mother, she is able to find her biological father. She starts her new life changing her name to Yor Saeng. This is how she meets Lek, whose older sister is married to Yor Saeng’s father. Lek is a good guy who begins his relationship with Yor Saeng as a doting uncle, but later they start developing feelings for each other.

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