Top Star Yoo Baek

Also Known As: 톱스타 유백이 / Top Star U-back
Genre: Comedy Romance
Episodes: 10
Broadcast Network: tvN
Broadcast Period: November 16th, 2018
to: January 18th, 2019


“Top Star Yoo Baek” is about a top star who has been exiled to an island after causing an incident. The drama is a healing one about the quaint life of a fishing village and its warm inhabitants, as well as a romantic comedy between the hero and a mysterious, charming island gal.

Yoo Baek

Oh Kang Soon

Choi Ma Dol

Kim Gook Sup

Dong Choon’s mother

Ma Dol’s dad

Kang Soon’s grandmother

Yang Bang Sil

Ah Suh Ra

Jang Heung Daek

Gun San Daek

Park Dong Choon


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