Tup Tawan

Also Known As: ทับตะวัน
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 19
Broadcast Network: Thai TV3
Release Year: 2003


Saenglha ‘s mother drown while trying to leave her and Boonarnunt . Since her mother’s death, Boonarnunt became a womanizer. He would disregard Saenglha, blaming the death of his wife on her. In revenge, he would sleep with as many women as he could. He would bring them over to the house, and Saenglha would see this and slowly she fantasied about it. As she grew up, she saw episodes of her fathers’ many nights of intimate scenes. Until one day, Nhanmuang became a gardener at her house and immediately she was memorized by him. Although, she acted as if she hated him and he was beneath her, she seduces him, in the wakes of “practicing” intimacy as she’d seen her father does many times. She ends up getting pregnant by him and has a child. The child is a little girl who is deaf and mute. Saenglha loves her child, but altogether hates the fact that she is deaf and mute. She does not let Nhanmuang see the child and does not allow her father, Boonarnunt to get near the child. Towards the end, Boonarnunt saw what he has become and what he has done to Saenglha. Her anger, aggression, and feelings towards men is because of his actions. He tooks care of his granddaughter due to the mentality of Saenglha becoming mental and delusional. In the end, Boonarnunt apologizes to Saenglha and she is left with the mental state of never been loved, taken care of, and Nhanmuang  taking care of her.

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