When a Man is in Love

Also Known As: 남자가 사랑할 때 / When A Man Loves A Woman / When A Man Falls in Love
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: SBS
Broadcast Period: September 30th, 2004
to: November 18th, 2004


Were they happy? And were their lives beautiful?

After the death of his mom, Ji-hoon (Go Soo) moves into the home of Mr. Suh. Ji-hoon falls in love at first sight with Mr. Suh’s daughter, In-hye (Park Jung-ah). Ji-hoon also becomes good friends with Suk-hyun (Bae Su-bin) But one day, In-hye decides to leave home for Seoul to pursue her dream of becoming an accomplished cellist, without telling Ji-hoon. Suk-hyun also decides to move to Seoul after he learns that he is the love child of President Kang, a wealthy hotel magnate.

When Ji-hoon finds out that In-hye left for Seoul without even saying goodbye, he finds his way to Seoul to find her. One day, while Ji-hoon is riding the subway, Jung-woo (Park Ye-jin) takes a liking to him and decides to steal his wallet to get his attention. Through this incident, Ji-hoon gets to know Jung-woo and settles down in Seoul by enrolling in the same bodyguard school that Jung-woo is attending. The bodyguard training school finds a part-time job for Ji-hoon and Jung-woo, which is an assignment to guard President Kang for one day. Ji-hoon protects President Kang at an evening party hosted by Kang himself, and by coincidence, he also meets In-hye and Suk-hyun. The fates of four young people become hopelessly intertwined after this fateful meeting.

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Ji Hoon

Suk Hyun

Park Hwa Young

Kang Hoe Jang

Eun Soo
Park Ye Jin

Jung Woo
Ha Jae Young

Suh Tae Chun
Lee Hye Mi

Sun Joo
Kim Tae Yun

Lee Jin
Kim Hyo Sun

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