Kim Kyu-chul (born April 6, 1960) is a South Korean actor. Kim spent more than a decade as a stage actor before he made his onscreen breakthrough in 1993 with Im Kwon-taek’s Seopyeonje, which is considered as one of the classics of Korean cinema.


Iron ManJo Boong Goo2104
The BankerPark Kwang Soo2019
Perfect Wife. . .2017
Shopping King LouieBaek Sun-Goo2016
TV Novel – That Sun in the SkyByun Geun Tae2016
JingbirokToyotomi Hideyoshi2015
Missing Noir MPark Jung Do2015
The Merchant: Gaekju 2015Kim Bo Hyun2015
Golden CrossPark Hee Seo2014
Cruel Palace – War of FlowersSim Ki Won2013
SharkJo Ui Sun2013
That Winter, The Wind BlowsJang Sung2013
Bridal MaskWoo Byung Joon2012
May QueenPark Gi Chul2012
TV Novel – Dear LoveYeo Sam Choo2012


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