Park Byung Eun has been building his career path, participating in small but strong independent films to major films like ‘Yellow Sea’, ‘War with Crime, Hey Days of Bastards’, ‘Temperature of Love’. Staring in the mega hit movie ‘Assassination’, recording more than 12 million ticket sales in 2015 as ‘Kawaguchi’, a Japanese military officer, he gave unforgettable impression to the audience with chilly charisma and perfect command of Japanese language. Park is poised to meet the audience in movies in various genres including ‘A Man and a Woman’ and ‘Hunting’.


Arthdal ChroniclesDan Byuk2019
MistressHwang Dong Suk2018
Mystery Queen Season 2Woo Sung Ha2018
Your HonorOh Sang Chul2018
Because This Is My First LifeMa Sang Goo2017
Mystery QueenProfiler Woo2017
Woman with a SuitcasePro Kang2016
Golden CrossGil Sang Joon2014


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