Park Hyuk-kwon (born July 11, 1971) is a South Korean actor. Park began his acting career in 1993 as a member of the theater troupe Sanulrim. He later became a well-regarded supporting actor in films such as Chaw (2009) and Secret Reunion (2010), as well as the television series Behind the White Tower (2007), Secret Love Affair (2014), and The Producers (2015). Park also frequently stars in short films and independent films, notably in Milky Way Liberation Front (2007) and other works by Yoon Seong-ho.


Mung Bean FlowerBaek Ka2019
Pretty Sister Who Buys Me FoodNam Ho Kyun2018
Something in the RainNam Ho Kyun2018
Where Stars LandMr. Jang2018
Strong Family 2017Na Chun Il2017
AwlRude Customer2015
LastPark Min Soo2015
ProducerKim Tae Ho2015
Six Flying DragonsGil Sun Mi2015
Unkind WomenJung Goo Min2015
3 DaysGoo Ja Kwang2014
Plus Nine Boysfortuneteller2014
Punch 2014Prosecutor Jo Kang Jae2014
Secret Love AffairKang Joon Hyung2014
Trot LoversWang Sang Moo2014
The End of the WorldKim Hee Sang2013
A Wife’s CredentialsJo Hyun Tae2012
I Love YouChun Myung Han2012
The King’s DoctorBaek Suk Goo2012


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